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Sit-Stand Chairs for the Home or Office

The best performance is often achieved with maximum focus. When in professional settings especially, the long hours spent at the desk, motionless, can lead to back pain or comfort issues and may affect performance. ErgoLab is on a mission to cure the stress of long work days with a selection of ergonomic sit-stand chairs that ease the stress of inactivity and spinal discomfort.

Browse all of our sit-stand office chairs as well as our sit-stand saddle chairs specifically designed to achieve the neutral posture position. Remove the gradual strains on the body from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Conduct research, tend to spreadsheets and analysis, or perform detailed assembly throughout the day with an ergonomically correct sit-stand chair. Choose from a wide variety of colors, plus select the addition of memory foam or serene gel foam (not available on all items). ErgoLab provides uniquely innovative products that cater to modern health. Relax at work instead of working to relax! Call 1-800-417-4122 to speak with one of our ergonomic experts. All products are made in the United States!

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